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Tatty Teddy by Miranda

The Story:

About the artist: Miranda

Believe it or not Mike Payne ( alias Miranda) worked for the Inland Revenue for 26 years before becoming a full time cartoonist !

Mike produced the very first greetings cards that established Carte Blanche Greetings back in 1987.

In 1989 Mike left the security of his full time job to concentrate all his efforts on the continued development of his "Miranda" characters.

Miranda has now become a recognised brand name within the greeting card industry and Mike's work is printed in 17 languages across 57 countries.

A full time art dept of 8 people now support the constant development of all "Miranda" products ranging from cards to picture frames, plush toys stationery to keyrings !

Tatty Teddy was the first character drawn by Mike for Carte Blanche Greetings and is still one of the most popular characters within the range today.

Published under the brand name"Me to You",Tatty Teddy has touched the hearts of millions with his sorrowful looks and blue nose.

Over the past 5 years "Miranda" has won several industry awards for design in many countries including Sweden, Holland, Greece and even as far away as Australia.

Mike has had a lot of fun with his pen name of "Miranda" over the years and still to this day enjoys seeing peoples reaction when this 6 foot bearded larger than life character say's "Hi, my name's Miranda!"

Information taken from: The Official Me to You Site


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